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FUDOLL成立於2020年,是一個高品質的混合娃娃品牌,由Fuwa Crafts建立,Fuwa Crafts是一個在矽膠娃娃行業擁有多年經驗的熟練技術人員團隊。

另外FUDOLL是由設計高階3D模型的日本設計公司FUUELD Inc.和FUWA Craft Co.聯合開發的娃娃品牌。

FUDOLL  - Silicone Head + TPE Body

FUDOLL, established in 2020, is a high-quality hybrid doll brand founded by Fuwa Crafts, a team of skilled technicians with years of experience in the silicone doll industry

FUDOLL is a doll brand jointly developed by the Japanese design companies FUUELD Inc. and FUWA Craft Co., specializing in high-end 3D model design

Please note! The material of the dolls in the image display may not necessarily be the same as the material mentioned in the product name. If you have any questions, please contact customer service

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