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MLWDOLL-Full silicone

The MYLOLIWAIFU Doll Series features products that highlight a sweet and charming Japanese-style girl aesthetic. Its distinctive features include delicate facial makeup and body painting, showcasing an angelic and pure visage. Friends who appreciate loli silicone dolls should definitely not miss out!

The MYLOLIWAIFU Doll Series offers dolls in both silicone (TPE) and TPE materials for users to choose from. All bodies are made of the TPE material series, allowing for an upgrade to the highly detailed S+ body makeup, revealing even the finest pores. The soft touch of the TPE material resembles the skin of a real young girl, making it incredibly lifelike!

"Please note that the material of the doll in the displayed images may not necessarily match the material mentioned in the product name. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.


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