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76dollshop, the largest silicone doll specialty store in Taiwan, is the exclusive distributor for numerous silicone doll manufacturers and represents major global brands in adult silicone dolls. We specialize in the sale of silicone dolls, peripheral care products, clothing, accessories, and other related items. Our services also include professional doll repair and makeup beautification

Blue Ocean Market
High Growth, High Returns
Small Capital Entrepreneurship

Compared to common and mature franchises in the food and adult products industries, silicone doll specialty shops belong to the blue ocean market. The market is not yet saturated and has a high degree of industry uniqueness

The silicone doll industry is experiencing rapid annual growth, making it a highly dynamic sector. It is rapidly expanding in response to changing societal norms, particularly in developed regions like Europe, the United States, and Japan

Compared to the franchise opportunities in the food and beverage industry, starting a silicone doll business offers a relatively higher capital return for entrepreneurs with small investment capital. It is the best entry choice for young entrepreneurs


Exclusive Agency

Having the richest silicon doll brand agency rights in Taiwan, including multiple exclusive agency products, doll styles range from Japanese-style real dolls to lolita and second-dimensional style dolls, with a total of more than 20 comprehensive brands and over a thousand doll styles


The largest brand in Taiwan

Two physical stores in the north and south. Also, the exclusive seller of the largest silicone doll manufacturer on Taiwan's largest e-commerce platform. 76DOLLSHOP has the largest physical silicone doll Facebook group in Taiwan, with a fan base exceeding ten thousand, making it the most active community media brand in Taiwan


Comprehensive Sales System Training

Having a complete distribution system and a central logistics warehouse system, providing a fast and convenient sales model. In addition, regular sales training courses, comprehensive store planning, and personnel education and training systems are in place to enable first-time entrepreneurs to quickly get started


Free exclusive website setup

Joining us provides an exclusive custom website planning service, catering to small-capital investors looking for a quick start in entrepreneurship. Even without a physical storefront, you can still sell through an online sales model, enhancing overall exposure. 76DOLLSHOP also offers website SEO optimization features to help you become a leader in the regional online space.


Why choose the silicone doll industry?

In modern society, the number of single individuals is increasing, with statistics showing that the unmarried and single population aged 20 and above has reached 50%. Additionally, society is gradually entering an era characterized by an aging and single demographic. Recognizing the significant growth potential in the companionship market, we aim to build a complete ecosystem in the silicone doll industry. We invite like-minded partners to join us in creating a comprehensive silicone doll ecosystem in Taiwan

The advantages of choosing 76DOLLSHOP?

Among the few businesses in Taiwan that operate silicone doll brands, 76DOLLSHOP offers the most comprehensive franchise mechanism. We have outlined four key points above to provide the advantages of joining the 76 franchise


Franchise Partnership Consultation

Welcome for Franchise Inquiries, Business Cooperation, Media Interviews, or inquiries regarding Cross-Industry Alliances and other related matters

Mr. Zheng 0978-226-336

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