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Silicone Doll Godfather



A professional pharmacist with a background in healthcare, possessing specialized medical knowledge. Provides professional medical-grade information on silicone doll materials, cleaning, and maintenance. Founded the 76DOLLSHOP silicone doll and adult products brand in 2017, establishing a comprehensive ecological system for the silicone doll industry



A professional product manager with extensive experience working for several major international brands, proficient in market marketing, product strategy, and corporate management strategies. Responsible for the strategic development of operations for 76DOLLSHOP, also the founder of the Silicone Doll Business Association


76's Commitment to Quality

To achieve the perfect goddess, we have visited several professional doll manufacturing factories abroad, carefully selecting dolls made with TPE material that meets high standards and holds EU ROHS and CE certifications

Boutique Consulting Service

We pride ourselves on providing a boutique-like shopping experience. Whether before or after purchase, our dedicated 1v1 customer sales representatives are available to assist you with any product-related matters

Used Doll Recycling Service

For many doll enthusiasts, handling the aftermath of owning a doll can indeed be troublesome. However, in order to ensure that our customers feel our dedication, we provide a recycling service for all doll enthusiasts. Whether you want to dispose of or sell your doll, we have corresponding services available

Our Journey, Every Step with You

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