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Note: This price is for the lowest accessory version without any customization and optional features. If you need the following options, please contact 76dollshop service personnel.

XYCOLO-Yinan CE (organic silicone PRO version full body)

    • Material    Quality: platinum silicone
    • Body    Height: 153cm (from the soles of the feet to the top of the head)
    • Body    Weight: 29 kg
    • Shoulder    Width: 36 cm
    • Upper bust: 73cm (D cup)
    • Lower bust: 63 cm
    • Waist    Circumference: 55 cm
    • Hip    Circumference: 84 cm
    • Thigh length: 32 cm
    • Calf length: 37 cm
    • Sole length: 21 cm
    • Height options: 153/163/158/170/171 (breast size is not optional for the last three models)
    • Wig/eyelash/eyebrow/lower body hair transplantation
    • Lower body separation/integration
    • doll stand
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