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Note: This price is for the lowest accessory version without any customization and optional features. If you need the following options, please contact 76dollshop service personnel.

Bi Zhiliang 149cm colored glass (silicone head, TPE body)

    • Material    Quality: Head (silicone)
    • Material    Quality: Body (TPE)
    • Body    Height: 149 cm (from the soles of the feet to the top of the head)
    • Body    Weight: 26 kg
    • Shoulder width: 32 cm
    • Chest    Circumference: 74 cm
    • Waist    Circumference: 52 cm
    • Hip    Circumference: 80 cm
    • Feet    Length: 19 cm
    • body weight loss
    • Real value / wig
    • Breast Softening
    • Bionic finger bone
    • Lower body passage selection
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