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Sino-doll is a brand under Guangdong Shunde Xiannaxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Sino-doll has its own production factory, dedicated to manufacturing and developing AI intelligent sex dolls, smart adult playmates, silicone medical products, and silicone realistic toys

With over ten years of experience in the silicone adult doll industry, Sino-doll utilizes the safest platinum silicone to produce highly realistic sex dolls and adult toys. Using advanced and unique production techniques, the doll's skin is smooth, delicate, and elastic, offering the softness and elasticity of real human skin. Sino-doll aims to provide customers with a realistic tactile and visual experience akin to real human skin

Silicone sex dolls are not only adult toys but also considered pieces of art. Sino-doll strives to create beauty and dreams for all customers

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