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SEDOLL矽膠娃娃成立於 2016 年,是一家跨國娃娃公司,SEDOLL 作為矽膠娃娃領域的首要和新興品牌之一,提供具有競爭力的價格。SEDOLL擁有一支優秀的雕塑家、工程師和化妝師團隊。團隊致力於對每個製造步驟進行持續改進,以在每個細節上達到頂峰。SEDOLL不遺餘力,致力於大力投資研發,以創造具有新的和更像人類特徵的新產品,包括人工智能和機械骨架。


SEDOLL, established in 2016, is a multinational doll company and a leading emerging brand in the field of silicone dolls. SEDOLL offers competitive pricing and boasts an excellent team of sculptors, engineers, and makeup artists. The team is dedicated to continuous improvement in every manufacturing step, aiming for perfection in every detail. SEDOLL spares no effort in investing in research and development to create new products with features closer to human traits, including artificial intelligence and mechanical skeletons

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