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Starperry 系列產品主要以外銷歐美為主,其臉孔以歐美款式居多,全系列頭款為擬真蠟像頭搭配擬真臉部塗妝,喜歡歐美臉蛋的玩家絕對不可錯過。


 Starperry 系列身體有砂矽膠及TPE兩種材質可做選擇,其身型比例完美升級全身擬真塗妝可全面展現皮膚細節。 胸部可升級液態軟胸觸感直逼真人

SPDOLL-Silicone Head + TPE Body

SPDOLL primarily focuses on exports to Europe and America, with a predominant style of European and American faces. The entire series features lifelike wax-like heads paired with realistic facial makeup, making it a must-see for players who appreciate European and American facial features

SPDOLL offers bodies in two materials, sand silicone and TPE, providing choices for customers. The body proportions have been perfectly upgraded, and the full-body lifelike makeup showcases intricate skin details. The chest can be upgraded to a liquid soft breast texture that approaches the feel of real skin

Please note! The material of the dolls in the displayed pictures may not necessarily be the same as the material mentioned in the product name. If you have any questions, please contact customer service

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