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TAYUDOLL她語矽膠娃娃2012 9月正式進軍台灣​,​她語娃娃骨架皆採用304不銹鋼,鋁合金,加硬零件,關節阻尼緊度皆進行耐久性測試並實現輕量化,目前娃體重量為業界最輕。




TAYUDOLL, founded in September 2012, officially entered the Taiwanese market. TAYUDOLL's doll skeletons are constructed with 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, reinforced components, and undergo durability testing for joint damping tightness, achieving lightweight design. Currently, the doll's weight is the lightest in the industry.

The entire body is made of platinum silicone, with a complex production process, meticulous painting, and realistic skin texture reproduction. TAYUDOLL aims to satisfy players' demand for lifelike dolls and continues to make improvements while designing and developing more models. In the future, they hope players will grow together with TAYUDOLL

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